Episode 8: Women in STEM

ACEMS' Yanan Fan is a statistician at UNSW. But in this episode, she reaches out to three women in STEM outside of stats at her home university to give you a taste of what their science is like, why maths is so important, and the importance of getting more women into STEM.

She talks to:  (pictured above - left to right)

  • Dr Alina Ostafe: Senior Lecturer in Pure Mathematics at UNSW (interview is at 2:10)
  • Dr Sarah Martell: Senior Lecturer in Astrophysics at UNSW (interview is at 15:00)
  • Prof Emma Johnston: Professor of Marine Ecology & Ecotoxicology, Dean of Science at UNSW, and President of Science & Technology in Australia (STA) (interview is at 31:30)

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Update - Yanan Fan and Prof Emma Johnston were two of the authors in a major study released in February 2019 about gender and cultural bias at the university level. You can read more about that research here: https://newsroom.unsw.edu.au/news/general/gender-and-cultural-bias-exists-against-teachers-university-level-study-shows