Support Schemes for ACEMS Members

ACEMS is proud to offer several funding schemes that can help ACEMS members with research, scholarship, industry collaboration, and travel:

Research Support Scheme: 

The Research Support Scheme is designed to give ACEMS Research Fellows and Associate Investigators the opportunity to apply for funding to support side projects that fit within the strategic priorities of ACEMS. Head to the Research Support Scheme page for more information.  

Student Support Scheme:

The ACEMS Student Support Scheme devolves decision-making about student scholarships to nodes, embodying the principle that scholarships should be used flexibly in the best interests of ACEMS and the students involved. Head to the Scholarships page for more information.

Industry Collaboration Support Scheme:

The primary objectives of the Industry Collaboration Support Scheme are:

  • to support strategic initiatives, with particular emphasis on increasing ACEMS impact;
  • to facilitate collaboration with ACEMS Partner Organisations and Industry Affiliate Members and expand the reach of ACEMS research into industry;
  • to strengthen ACEMS research objectives;

Head to the Industry Collaboration Support Scheme page for more information.

International Mobility Programme:

The International Mobility Programme provides opportunities for Early-Career Researchers and Graduate Students from ACEMS to build their international networks and experience. The programme will support research collaboration with international mathematical and statistical institutes, departments and research groups. 

Please note that the International Mobility Programme is now closed for applications.

Head to the International Mobility Programme page for more information.

ACEMS Presentation Explaining the ACEMS Support Schemes:


Video explaining Support Schemes