Current Events

ACEMS Virtual Public Lecture - Statistical Methodology Development and Software Dissemination


Thursday 28 October, 12pm-1pm AEDT

Public talks

Professor Matt Wand has been involved in statistical methodology research since the mid-1980s. During the second millennium, the internet either did not exist or was in its infancy and software dissemination was primitive. The advent of the internet and the establishment of websites such as the Comprehensive R Archive Network, which officially started February 2000 - have had a profound impact on applied and methodological statistics.

ACEMS 2021: The Final Retreat


1 - 5 November

Conference / Workshop

The ACEMS Final Retreat is an opportunity for the ACEMS community to come together, celebrate and share the Centre's research and achievements in 2021 - the Centre’s final year, and it will also be an opportunity to discuss the legacy of the Centre.

ACEMS Virtual Public Lecture - Extreme Diffusion


Thursday, 4 November: 11 am AEDT,

ACEMS Seminar Series talk

Diffusion is pervasive in the natural world. Over one hundred years ago Einstein created a remarkably simple and powerful theory describing the behavior of a single diffusing particle. That theory has since been applied countless times to successfully model widely disparate systems. In this talk, Ivan will explain a failure of this theory when applied to systems with many particles diffusing in the same environment. In particular, in such systems, the particles that move the furthest (the extremes of the diffusion) are governed by behaviors much different than would follow from Einstein's theory.