Current Events

ACEMS Lecture Series: 'Block arrivals in the Bitcoin blockchain'


Wednesday, 10 October, 6 pm

Public talks

ACEMS Director Peter Taylor will talk about what bitcoin and blockchain are. He will also describe the process of creating a blockchain, present some simple mathematical models that provide insight into the process and address current concerns that the transaction processing rate of the Bitcoin system is not high enough.’

ACEMS 2018 Retreat


Monday 29 October - Friday 2 November 2018

Conference / Workshop
Registrations are now open for the 2018 ACEMS Retreat Week being held this year in Torquay, Victoria.

The retreats will take place during the week of 29th October to 2nd November as follows:

  • Early Career Researchers (ECR) & Student Retreats: 12 pm (AEDT) Mon 29th October to 12 pm Weds 31st October
  • Main Retreat: 1 pm (AEDT) Weds 31st October to 1 pm Fri 2nd November

MathsCraft Session Leader Workshop


21 - 25 Nov 2018 (Wed - Sun)


MathsCraft - Doing maths like a research mathematician

Enabling your students to work in a way that is similar to the way a research mathematician works can dramatically change the classroom experience, for the better. Would you like to find out how, for example, a topic like Pythagoras' Theorem could be approached a little differently?

This immersive professional development event will give you more information about the MathsCraft program, and equip you to become a leader of MathsCraft sessions in your area.


Mathscraft: MATRIX, Creswick VIC


9:00am – 12:30pm, Thursday 22 November 2018


Mathscraft is a fun event for school students, which aims to give them a taste of what 'real' maths is like. They are led through finding ways to solve problems by spotting patterns, making conjectures, and convincing themselves and others. They'll also have the opportunity to meet and work with research mathematicians.

This event is free, with morning tea provided. It's aimed at year 7-10 students with any level of interest in maths.

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