ACEMS Maths & Stats Games

The Big Bite - Mosquito Virality Game

An activity for a class to increase their understanding of probability and chance in real world contexts, the usefulness of graphs and scatterplots for modelling, and how disease is spread and prevented. It also can be used to talk about predicting future patterns based on previously collected data, as well as comparing and contrasting the usefulness of various types of graph. Good for individuals or small groups.

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Virtual Reef Diver

Experience the beauty and wonder of the Great Barrier Reef while learning about the dangers this national treasure currently faces, and the solutions data scientists are providing for its defence. Work as a team of citizen scientists on a quest to classify the corals, identify the organisms, and help protect the seventh wonder of the natural world.

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Sats and Stats: Return to Earth - Educational Data Science Workshop Megagame 

Blast off into the future to discover the true power of satellite imagery! Based on PhD work by Jacinta Holloway, S&S:RtE places students in the cockpit of a fleet of starships returning to a post-apocalyptic Earth to survive, thrive, and resettle the planet. By deploying satellites and ground teams, analysing data, and moving around a room from continent to continent, our new class of Space Captains will be able to research, predict, and execute missions to further their collective goal. Seeing past the present is possible with data science, and retaking the Earth is your future! Contact to arrange a workshop at your school!