ACEMS Technical Talks

Greta: Simple and Scalable Statistical Modelling in R

- Dr Nick Tierney, Telethon Kids Institute, Perth

- 21 December 2021

Tackling Global Issues: Change

- Dr Rebecca Killick, Lancaster University

- 26 October 2021




Emulation of Lagrangian particle dispersion model sensitivities using a convolutional variational autoencoder

- Laura Cartwright, The University of Wollongong

- 24 August 2021

Bayesian hierarchical stacking: all models are wrong, but some are somewhere useful

- Dr Yuling Yao, the Flatiron Institute, Simons Foundation

- 23 June 2021

Spectral theory and asymptotic variance of piecewise deterministic samplers

- Asst Prof Joris Bierkens, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

- 16 June 2021

Intrinsic Dimensions

- Prof Antonietta Mira, University of Lugano, Switzerland

- 7 June 2021

Quantifying the effect of electric fields on single cell motility

- Prof Ruth Baker, University of Oxford

- 3 June 2021

Euler approximation schemes for Piecewise deterministic Markov processes

- Andrea Bertazzi, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

- 27 May 2021

Explainable Analytics for "Black-Box" Machine Intelligence

-  Dr Chun Ouyang and Dr Catarina Moreira

- 21 May 2021