Carer's Provision Fund

ACEMS supports the equal opportunity of all its members for the development of their career and support of their family.

To that end, ACEMS invites its members who have primary carer responsibilities, or require additional care in order to travel, to apply for funding support to cover additional costs. If the application is successful ACEMS will cover the additional costs associated with caring for a dependant or requiring support while the recipient is undertaking work related to, or affiliated with ACEMS. This work may include (but is not limited to) attending a conference or meeting, visiting an ACEMS collaborating organisation, or to undertake research training. At all ACEMS organised conferences, invited speakers will also be eligible to apply for support through the Carer’s Provision Fund.


Definition of Primary Carer Responsibilities

The definition of primary carer responsibilities is where a person has the primary and sustained responsibility for the care of a dependent family member including:

  • Children/dependants 
  • Elderly parents or other relatives
  • Children/dependants or relatives with a disability/illness

Financial Assistance

Funding under the ACEMS Carer’s Provision Fund is available for additional care costs associated with time away from caring for the dependent family member.

Additional carer costs may include, but are not limited to:

  • Airfare for a child/dependant to travel with the Applicant.
  • Travel costs for a relative/person to accompany the Applicant and to care for the dependant while the Applicant is away working.
  • Hire of a carer at the location of the work-commitment.
  • Hire of a nurse/carer for additional caring responsibilities while the Applicant is away working.
  • Before and after school care for children while the Applicant is away working.

Applications for the ACEMS Carer’s Provision Fund are invited throughout the year and are awarded based on need.
Funding can be paid either by reimbursement or organised through ACEMS directly.
For reimbursement original receipts will be required to acquit the fund and release payment.

All costs must be incurred through a registered provider who can supply a tax invoice. 


Applicants must meet the Eligibility and Application Criteria of the following two categories:

Recognised ACEMS Member (as defined in the ACEMS Membership Policy and Definitions document):
  • The Applicant’s request for funding must be supported by the Applicant’s supervisor.
  • The Applicant must be a member of ACEMS for a minimum of six months before the application date.
  • The Applicant agrees to provide a written contribution to the ACEMS website within three weeks of the conclusion of the work commitment.
Non-member Invited speaker at an ACEMS organised conference:
  • The Applicant’s request for funding must be supported by the ACEMS CI supporting their application.
  • Is an invited speaker at an ACEMS organised conference.
  • The Applicant agrees to provide a written contribution to the ACEMS website within three weeks of the conclusion of the work commitment.


Application Criteria

Complete the application form on the Member Portal (log in required)

  • Explain the intended use of the ACEMS Carer’s Provision Fund and how it will contribute towards career goals, including expected outcomes.
  • Provide a brief budget outline, which demonstrates that the proposed items/activities are carefully planned and ultimately feasible. Including reference to any Fring Benefit Tax that will be incurred.
  • If the funds are to be used for a conference, provide evidence/supporting documentation related to acceptance, examples of this are abstract submissions or confirmation of workshop registration.
  • Applications must be received six weeks before the event.


Assessment of Applications

  • Applications are invited throughout the year and an Applicant may apply more than once.
  • Applications are to be submitted through the Member Portal (log in required).
  • Once the application is received by our administrative staff it will be forwarded to your supervisor for validation and approval.
  • All Applications will be assessed by the ACEMS Executive Committee.
  • You will be advised of the outcome within 4 weeks of application.
  • Once approved please liaise with ACEMS Chief Operating Officer as to arrangements.
  • ACEMS reserves the right to deny funds to Applicants who misrepresent their funding needs.
  • If there is a change in circumstances after approval of the Fund meaning that the Fund is no longer required for the proposed activity, the Applicant must immediately notify ACEMS. Applicants will be advised if they are still eligible for the Carer’s Support Fund.


Fringe Benefits Tax

Provision of funds to cover the additional costs borne by the applicant will incur Fringe Benefits Tax. Fringe Benefits Tax must be accounted for in your proposal. Please refer to the ATO website for more details. 

The ACEMS Chief Operating Officer will discuss the options for reducing the impact of this tax when claiming your allowances.