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Angela Dahlke

ACEMS Stakeholder Engagement Officer 

Ph: +61 7 3138 6743


Mathematics underpins all modern science and technology, and its application can deliver exceptional results in most industries and areas of research.

We work with companies in a variety of sectors, providing innovative solutions to complex challenges. To foster greater interdisciplinary collaboration, we also support cross-campus research activities and collaborate with researchers globally. 

Contact us for an informal discussion about your business or research problem, or for more information regarding any of the engagement mechanisms outlined below. 

Industry Collaboration

Our Stakeholder Engagement Officer, Angela Dahlke, works with our industry partners and the academics across ACEMS to connect the right skills and expertise to each industry project/problem. 

In close collaboration with our industry collaborators, we improve processes, simulate outcomes, optimise systems and understanding of complex phenomena. 

Contact Angela, the ACEMS Stakeholder Engagement Officer, to arrange an informal discussion about how we can help you or to enquire about the industry engagement opportunities below. 

See a range of our past and current industry projects here

The Industry Affiliate Programme

Stay connected with the ACEMS community and latest research in big data, machine learning and other mathematical and statistical frontier science by becoming an Industry Affililate Member. 

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Secondment Opportunities

Secondments offer a mechanisms for your employees to develop skills and technical knowledge around a specfic research project relevant to your business. Secondees spend 6 months (full-time or part-time) working in one or several of the ACEMS university nodes conducting a deep dive into a relevant problem. Secondees are submerged in a research environment and connect with key academics with expertise in their area of interest. 

Secondment opportunities are available to ACEMS Industry Affililate Members and Partner Organisations

Contact our Stakeholder Engagement Officer for more details. 

Bespoke Training Workshops 

Would your organisations like to develop specific technical skills and expertise? Big Data, advanced R training, Bayesian methods and many others are all workshops that we can tailor to suit your specific needs and ensure that your staff are abreast of cutting edge mathematical and statistical methods.

Contact our Stakeholder Engagement Officer for more details. 

Collaborative Research Workshops 

By bringing together expertise from across ACEMS with researchers from other organisations we work collaboratively to identify mutually beneficial research projects that use cutting edge mathematical and statistical methods in an applied context. Workshops can focus on the specific research challenges of your organisations or bring together experts across a particular sector. 

Contact our Stakeholder Engagement Officer for more details. 

Research Collaboration

Our Stakeholder Engagement Officer can connect you with the right academics in ACEMS for your research challenge. We are passionate about engaging in transdisciplinary research projects that either solve novel methodological challenges or support the use of cutting edge methods in applied research.

Please see our Research page for an overview of our research focus areas, and our People page for individual academic's research interests. 

Please contact the Stakeholder Engagement Officer for an information discussion about collaborating with ACEMS. 

ACEMS Working Groups

ACEMS encourages transdisciplinary collaborations, and we aim to support the mobilisation of the ACEMS academics into applied fields outside of mathematics and statistics. . 

We provide travel support for any ACEMS academic interested in reaching out to applied research groups, and host applied research working days where ACEMS academics and other applied researchers come together to solve challenging methodological challenges.

Opportunities for Young Researchers

The ACEMS International Mobility Programme (IMP) provides opportunities for Early Career Researchers (ECRs) and Graduate Students to visit one or more ACEMS locations in Australia, with the aim of collaborating on a research project for 1-6 months. ACEMS has a number of researchers willing to host young researchers. If you are interested in coming and joining the ACEMS team, please contact the IMP Project Officer for more information.