International Mobility Programme

The International Mobility Programme provides opportunities for Early-Career Researchers and Graduate Students from ACEMS to build their international networks and experience. The programme supports research collaboration with international mathematical and statistical institutes, departments and research groups. 

The strategic objectives of the programme are:

  • To build the ACEMS brand internationally, as a world leader, renowned for excellence in the mathematical and statistical sceinces.
  • To support Early-Career Researchers and Graduate Student's research projects through exposure to diverse ideas and groups from around the world.
  • To provide opportunities to develop international networks, advance project planning and administrative skills, as well as experience in applying for grants.
  • To utilise and develop the wide international networks and collaborative partnerships of ACEMS' mid to senior level academics and provide opportunities for these members to host and co-supervise in-bound postgraduate and Early-Career Researcher projects.

ACEMS strongly believes that innovation is better sustained through diversity and opportunity. The International Mobility Programme aims to give students and Early-Career Researchers exposure to new sets of ideas, cultures and experiences. Through this programme, ACEMS aims to foster the development of the next generation of internationally connected and diverse thinking world-class mathematical and statistical scientists.

ACEMS currently has agreements in place for mobility between Insight Centre for Data Analytics (Ireland) and The Networks Centre (Netherlands), however the programme is not limited to these destinations, Further information about the Insight Centre for Data Analytics and potential collaborators can be found here. The programme is also available to host early career academics from overseas collaborating with an ACEMS member on a relevant research project.

If you have any questions or would like to apply, please email

Project Officer