Outreach and Education

One of ACEMS' goals is to reach out to the public and share our interest in maths and science. We run and participate in a wide variety of outreach activities, including visiting schools, running National Science Week events, giving public talks, and participating in CSIRO's Mathematicians in Schools program.

For more information on ACEMS' outreach events and activities, please contact Anita Ponsaing.

Mathscraft is ACEMS' flagship outreach program. Mathscraft enables mathematics teachers and their students to experience the process of `doing maths like a research mathematician’ in a fun and interactive workshop.

See here for more details.

The NSQ is a live panel event based on an annual Dutch television show called Nationale Wetenschapsquiz. The inaugural event was held in Melbourne in May 2016, hosted by Charlie Pickering.

NSQ 2017 is happening in Melbourne and Adelaide in late June!

See here for more details.

Mathematical Playground

In 2015 ACEMS funded a project to build a maths grid play area at a primary school in Melbourne. We also developed activities to be used on the grid.

See here for more details.