ACEMS Public Lecture Series



The Sydney Data Science Industry

Dr Eugene Dubossarsky, Director & Principal Trainer at Presciient and founder of Data Science Sydney

ACEMS Public Lecture @ UTS

Dr Eugene Dubossarsky has been at the centre of the data science industry from its earliest days in the 2000s. In this lecture, he reflects on its inception, discusses its growth, and speculates on its future.

Cancer & you: understanding the Australian Cancer Atlas

Dr Susanna Cramb, QUT's Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation

ACEMS Public Lecture @ QUT

This talk highlights the key findings from the Australian Cancer Atlas, give insights to the methods and data used, and answers the question: "what do the results mean for you?"

The mathematics of evolution within species

Prof Robert Griffiths, Oxford University & Monash University

ACEMS Public Lecture @ Monash Conference Centre, Melbourne

Understanding the process of evolution within species is a fundamental topic in biology, but also in mathematics. By studying and utilising the random nature of how gene frequencies change over time, mathematics has made significant contributions to our understanding of within species evolution. Moreover, these studies have motivated deep results in mathematics itself, for example, in quantifying properties of random permutations. This talk gives a non-technical overview of the two-way interaction between mathematics and population genetics.

Using data to discover new insights into terrorism

Dr Gentry White, QUT

ACEMS Public Lecture @ QUT

This public lecture will look at how we can use publicly available data to explore issues around terrorism and discover new insights into the fundamental questions surrounding terrorism.

Data science helping to create a better justice system

Dr Suzanne Poyton & Dr Joanna Wang, NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research

ACEMS Public Lecture @ UTS

This ACEMS Public Lecture provided an overview of how data science and in particular statistical modelling can be used to inform a more effective criminal justice system.  

Random Stuff

Professor Dirk Kroese, University of Queensland

ACEMS Public Lecture @ UQ

For slides & Github site:

ACEMS Chief Investigator Dirk Kroese presented a public lecture on randomness, and how we can better understand it through mathematics. Randomness is all around us, from the movement of the stock markets to the atoms that form us. It can be both a source of surprise (I have just won the lottery) or of great frustration (I'm stuck in traffic again!).