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NEWS: ACEMS Researchers on COVID-19 Forecasting Team

ACEMS Podcast: The Random Sample - COVID19-related episodes

  • Episode 30: The Maths Behind Australia's Response to COVID-19 - In this episode, we chat with Professor James McCaw, one of the leaders of the pandemic modelling group advising Australia's National Cabinet. Professor McCaw talks about the role mathematical modelling played in Australia's response to COVID-19.
  • Episode 27: Hospital Hesitancy - In the build up to the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals started preparing for the worst. But after the pandemic took hold, emergency department numbers actually dropped. Why? In this episode, we explore that question. 

  • Episode 26: COVID Clues in Dirty Water Data - To see how COVID-19 is moving through society, Australia's Chief Scientist is mobilising a team to analyse the dirty wastewater that leaves homes and businesses every day. In this episode, we explore how data from that dirty water could provide key information on what's going on with the pandemic in Australia.

  • Episode 25: Safe Blues - How well do social distancing measures work when it comes to controlling the spread of COVID-19? Which ones can we start to remove? And when? The problem with these questions is that it takes days, even weeks to see if a certain measure is working. In this episode, we introduce you to a project called 'Safe Blues'. Its aim is to provide a way to get these answers in a more real-time fashion, by tapping into the power of your mobile device.

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