ACEMS Research Briefs

These are short summary descriptions of our latest, just-published research.

ACEMS Research Briefs Projects

Identifying and quantifying general practice‐type emergency department presentations

Not all patients arriving at emergency departments (EDs) have emergency conditions. But just how serious is this problem?

New ACEMS research now shows that a high number of presentations to public EDs in Australia could potentially have been addressed through primary care facilities such as general practitioners without providing ED care.

The R-Matrix of the Quantum Toroidal Algebra \(U_{q,t}(\overset{..}{gl}_{1})\) in the Fock Module

The mathematics of quantum toroidal algebras is remarkably rich, and so are their applications to physics. These algebras and their representation theory arise in the mathematics of high-energy physics, string theory and supersymmetric gauge theories. They also play an important role in the analysis of central models in condensed matter physics, stochastic interacting particle systems and integrable probability. ACEMS researchers contribute to quantum toroidal algebras, which are quantum versions of toroidal Lie algebras.