Episode 51: The Road Ahead for Women in STEM

In May, the mathematical sciences community celebrated international women in mathematics day. The day is celebrated annually now on the 12th of May. The date was chosen to remember Maryam Mirzakhani, the only woman ever to win the highest honour in mathematics, the Fields Medal. Maryam was only 40 when she died of breast cancer four years ago.

To mark the day, organisations worldwide held many different events, including ACEMS.  One of our events was a panel discussion titled, "The Road Ahead for Women in STEM", as we explored efforts to increase diversity in maths and science. It featured three top female leaders in Australian academia.

They talked about what leaders could do, both men and women, to help their organisations get more women into STEM, keep them there, and why they that’s such a good thing.

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  • Prof Moira O'Bryan talks about an experiment she was unknowingly involved in where she was one of several women hired at the same time
  • Prof Asha Rao talks about why she thinks girls in primary and secondary school are leaving maths and what needs to change