Episode 21: A Chat with Hadley Wickham

The world of data science has seen a massive explosion of interest in the last decade. It’s more important than ever before to be able to handle data, work with it, visualise it and find the meaning in it.

One man who is helping hundreds of thousands of people do just that – is statistician Hadley Wickham.

Hadley works with a programming language called “R” and is best known for developing open-source software packages for “R”. In fact, Hadley is now Chief Scientist at RStudio.

His contributions are considered so important to statistics and data science that, this year, he received the COPSS Presidents' award, which is billed as the ‘nobel prize for statistics’ for, quote, “making statistical thinking and computing accessible to a large audience.”

In this episode, Hadley talks about his work, and his journey to where he is now.

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