Episode 19: Playing the Game of Maths

What if we could change the way a lot of students feel about mathematics?

In this episode, we introduce you to ACEMS' flagship outreach program, MathsCraft, which is designed to supplement what is already being taught in classrooms.

MathsCraft allows kids to experience things like the creativity of maths, collaboration, having ideas, exploring those ideas, and coming up with new ideas and questions.

We also explore some of the key concepts about how MathsCraft works, as well as look into how the program has grown over these past few years and where it's headed.

In this episode, we talk to the two main people behind MathsCraft, Anthony Harradine from Prince Alfred College in Adelaide, and ACEMS Outreach Officer Anita Ponsaing.

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For more information about MathsCraft,

head to the MathsCraft website: