Episode 14: Matilda to the Rescue

The role of algorithms can’t be understated in the technological world we now live in. For example, they help dictate the search results and ads we get online and help us get from place to place. Plus, businesses and governments rely on them more than ever to help make critical decisions.

But can we trust algorithms? If not, what will it take for us to trust algorithms?

It turns out, the question of trust may not be about the algorithms themselves, but rather how we test them.

In this episode, we talk to Professor Kate Smith-Miles, who leads a team that recently launched a groundbreaking web platform to test algorithms. It's called MATILDA, and it's designed to show when an algorithm will work - and just as importantly, when it won't. We also explore what makes MATILDA so different from the current way algorithms are tested.

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- Kate Talks about Maths Myths:

- Kate talks about "Kate's Theorem" and the message she has for girls in school: