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Complex modelling research informs national cancer strategies

Where you live could have important implication on your chance of developing cancer and surviving the disease, according to pioneering research at ACEMS.

Dr Susanna Cramb, a former ACEMS PhD student and now an ACEMS Associate Investigator who is currently with Cancer Council Queensland, is investigating small-area differences in cancer incidence, survival and screening in Queensland and across the country.

The power of mathematics: Using statistics to fight bushfires

There are about 50,000 bushfires every year in Australia, according to a 2009 report by the Australian Institute of Criminology.

For many Australians, this number is probably not that surprising. What is more surprising, though, is that mathematicians may have a key role to play in fighting these fires.

One of these fire-fighting mathematicians is Dr Sevvandi Kandanaarachchi – a postdoctoral fellow and Associate Investigator at ACEMS. She works closely with Professor Kate Smith- Miles, one of ACEMS’ Chief Investigators.