Gender and cultural bias exists against teachers at university level, study shows

ACEMS Associate Investigator Yanan Fan (UNSW) is the lead author in a major new study looking into gender and cultural bias at the university level. Among other things, it shows that in Business and Science, a male teacher from an English-speaking background was more than twice as likely to get a higher score on a student evaluation than a female teacher from a non-English speaking background. For the complete story, you can read the UNSW Media release where Yanan talks about the research:

In late 2018, as part of the ACEMS podcast series, The Random Sample, Yanan talked with one of the other authors in this study: Prof Emma Johnston, Dean of Science at UNSW, and President of Science & Technology in Australia. Their conversation is about 31 minutes into the podcast, and in the second half of the interview, they talk about bias and women in STEM. 

Link to the podcast: