ACEMS Celebrates International Women in Mathematics Day

ACEMS was proud to present multiple events to celebrate International Women in Mathematics Day 2021. The day is celebrated annually on 12 May, the birthday of Maryam Mirzakhani, the only woman ever to win the top award in mathematics, the Fields Medal. Maryam passed away in 2017 at the age of 40 from breast cancer.

This page includes a rundown of the events, videos and podcasts from our Centre for this year's celebration:

Public lecture and podcast from mathematician and author Dr Eugenia Cheng

Dr Cheng discussed her new mathematical approach to how we can approach the issue of gender equity and, also, how we can make mathematics more inclusive. ACEMS Deputy Director Kerrie Mengersen hosted the episode:


ACEMS Women in Maths Day Panel Discussion: "The Road Ahead for Women in STEM"

In this panel discussion, we explored what we can do moving forward to make academia more inclusive and to get more women in higher-level STEM jobs. Our panellists:
  • Prof Ana Deletic, Executive Dean of QUT's Faculty of Engineering
  • Prof Moira O'Bryan, Dean of Science at The University of Melbourne
  • Prof Asha Rao, Associate Dean of Mathematical Sciences, RMIT University

Moderated by Dr Rachael Quill, a Research Fellow at The University of Melbourne and Chair of ACEMS' Equity and Diversity Committee. Click on video to watch


Left: About 60 people watched the panel discussion at the QUT node. Right: Afterwards, panellist Ana Deletic (far right) talked to the crowd

Release of the "Australian Women of Mathematics Exhibit", including podcast episode on the exhibit

ACEMS was proud to host the just released "Australian Women of Mathematics" Exhibit. The University of Melbourne hosted an event showing off the posters. ACEMS Chief Investigator Kate Smith-Miles (pictured right) was one of the driving forces behind the creation of the exhibit. She spoke at the Melbourne event.

In addition, the ACEMS node at QUT hosted a digital display of the exhibition following the "Road Ahead for Women in STEM" panel discussion.

The exhibit was also the focus of the ACEMS podcast, The Random Sample. Kate talked about the exhibit, how it came together, and what her hopes are for the future of it. The episode was hosted by Dr Rachael Quill.


ACEMS at QUT hosted the Exhibit, "Remember Maryam Mirzakhani" at QUT's "The Cube"

The digital exhibition featured 18 original posters celebrating the life of Maryam Mirzakhani. Among those who turned out to see the exhibit was a friend of Maryam's. Maryam Jarrahi attended mathematics camps with Maryam Mirzakhani when they were teenagers. Maryam Jarrahi is pictured below with the exhibit. 

Wide World of Women in Maths

ACEMS at The University of Adelaide hosted a panel discussion exploring what you can do if you study maths and stats!

The panellists were:

- Kim Becker, PhD Candidate at Oxford University

- Kelli Francis-Staite, Investment Manager, Statewide Super Researcher (Machine Learning, The University of Adelaide

- Rose Crocker, Energy Trader and Analyst, CQ Energy

- Caitlin Gray, Applied Scientist, Amazon

ACEMS PhD Candidate Aline Kunnel co-hosted the event.

Women in Mathematics Video Campaign

For a third straight year, ACEMS hosted a video message campaign. 

This year, it included a special video from the men in the Centre. CLICK ON THE VIDEO

In addition, the following women all sent video messages for Women in Maths Day:

Women in Maths Day Message Posters