Open-Source Research Software Panel Discussion


Webinar: Thursday, 2 December 2021


Online - Zoom

Research Software... Why should I care?  

Are you a statistician, an applied mathematician, a computer scientist, or an engineer?

Does your work involve producing new computational methods?

Are you making these new contributions available as software?

You might be saying “Yes” to the first two questions but think, “Why should you care about research software?”  Well, an obvious reason is because it is a pathway to impact. Or you might be wanting to make research software, but have some doubts.  

In this ACEMS webinar, we chat about open-source software development and help promote the idea of researchers producing software. We have a wide-ranging discussion on how it benefits researchers and others, effect on career development, research impact via software, what can be done to increase uptake and usability and getting recognition for this work.  


  • Dr Sevvandi Kandanaarachchi, ACEMS at RMIT

  • Prof Dan Simpson, ACEMS at Monash

  • Prof Di Cook, ACEMS at Monash
  • Dr Tom Honeyman, Australian Research Data Commons/ARDC and ACEMS members

Hosted by: Katie Buchhorn, ACEMS PhD candidate at QUT

Links to useful resources mentioned in the chat: