ACEMS 2020 Virtual Retreat - Videos from Talks

Day 1 - ECR/Student Retreat

  Keynote Address:

  - Prof Hugh Durrant-Whyte, New South Wales Chief Scientist & Engineer

   Industry Panel for ECR/Student Retreat

    Chair: Dr Luca Maestrini, ACEMS at UTS

    - Dr Ruth Luscombe, Technical Product Manager at Fireball International

    - Sharon O’Donnell, Head of Data Solutions at Australian Post

    - Aude Vignelles, Exec Dir, Program & Capability at Australian Space Agency

Day 2 - ECR/Student Retreat

  Grants & Funding Opportunities for ECRs

  Chair: Dr Rachael Quill, ACEMS at The University of Melbourne

  - Prof Kate Smith-Miles, ACEMS Chief Investigator at The University of Melbourne

  - Prof Jason Sharples, UNSW

  - Edward Barker, The University of Melbourne

  The Thesis Whisperer: So you are graduating with your PhD in a pandemic - what next?

  Chair: Behrooz Niknami, ACEMS at The University of Melbourne

  - Assoc. Prof Inger Mewburn, ANU

  ** note, this video is only the Q & A portion of the session

  ** Click here to see the slides from the talk

  Selling Yourself & Your Research

  - Angela Dahlke, ACEMS Stakeholder Engagement Officer

  Self Promotion for Researchers

  - Prof Rob J Hyndman, ACEMS Chief Investigator at Monash University  

  Building Your Communications Toolkit

   - Tim Macuga, ACEMS Media & Communications Officer

Day 3 - Main Retreat

   Industry Keynote  

   - Sybille McKeown, Australian Bureau of Statistics

  Main Retreat - Industry Session

   Chair: Angela Dahlke, ACEMS Stakeholder Engagement Officer

   - Dr Cheng Soon Song (CSIRO)

   - Dr Juan Ortiz (AIMS)

   - Dr Kerrin Bleicher and Cindy Peng (Sax Institute)

   - Claire Clarke (ABS)

   - Dr Chandan Kumar (DAF)

   - Dr Simon Grainger (BOM)

  Season 4 Launch of 'The Random Sample' Podcast

  - Tim Macuga, ACEMS Communications & Media Officer

Day 4 - Main Retreat

Keynote Speaker

 - Prof Iain Johnstone, Stanford University

 - Expectation Propogation in Mixed Models: A Legacy of Peter Hall

  ***Video not available yet - waiting for research to be published

Equity & Diversity Discussion: Career impacts of COVID-19 on researchers

  Chair: Rachael Quill, ACEMS at The University of Melbourne

   - Prof Adrian Barnett, QUT & Statistical Society of Australia

   - Prof Jessica Purcell, Monash University & WIMSIG

   - Dr Gunilla Burrowes, Gender Matters

   International Mobility Programme

    Chair: Dr Boris Beringer, ACEMS at UNSW

    - Raiha Browning, QUT

    - Alexander Browning, QUT

    - Sarat Moka, UQ

Day 5 - Main Retreat

  ACEMS Research Talks

  Chair: Dr Susanna Cramb, ACEMS at QUT

   - Dr Chris Van de Heide, UQ

   - Dr Ursula Laa, Monash University

   - Dr KD Dang, UTS

   - Dr Melissa Humphries, The University of Adelaide

   - Dr Jiadong Mao, The University of Melbourne

  Research Support Scheme (RSS) & Industry Collaboration Support Scheme (ICSS) Research Talks

  RSS Chair: Dr Andrew Black, Adelaide

  - Prof Chris Drovandi, QUT

  ICSS Chair: Dr Stephen Woodcock, UTS

  - Prof Di Cook, Monash University

  - Dr Paul Wu, QUT