Workshop on Multi-variable Polynomials and Stochastic Systems


Friday 2 June 2017, 8 am - 5 pm


Riverview Room, Emmanuel College 
64/70 Upland Road 
The University of Queensland 
Brisbane, QLD 4067

This one-day workshop will concentrate on multi-variable polynomials and high dimensional stochastic systems, as well as the connection between these areas.

This, the third such ACEMS meeting, will be held at Emmanuel College, The University of Queensland, and will feature keynote talks by Ole Warnaar and Mark Holmes.

Topics will include lattice models, interacting particle systems, percolation, random walks, random graphs and trees, urn models, multi-type population models, and KPZ universality.


Dr Mark Holmes has research interests in probability, statistical physics, and mathematical statistics,especially self-interacting random walks, interacting particle systems, and random media. He recently joined the School of Mathematics and Statistics, The University of Melbourne, and holds an ARC Future Fellowship.






Professor Ole Warnaar has made important contributions to the fields of solvable lattice models, special functions, q-series and algebraic combinatorics. He presently holds a UQ Fellowship within the School of Mathematics and Physics, The University of Queensland.



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