Women in Maths Day 2020

Attention women in maths in Australia!

As part of the 2020 Women in Maths celebrations across Australia this year, ACEMS is teaming up with the The Australian Mathematical Society's ‘Women in Maths Special Interest Group’ (WIMSIG) to create video messages to share.

The aim is to share the messages with young women and girls across our and your social networks as a way of inspiring them to study the mathematical sciences as they more forward in their studies, and to even consider maths/stats as a career.

We are looking for as many women in maths and stats to be in the video and to share their ‘selfie’ messages. The messages should be short ‘sound bites’ answering one or more of these questions:
• Why do you love maths and/or stats?
• Why is maths/stats important?
• Where did maths/stats take you? Or where do you hope it takes you?
• Why is it important we have girls stay in maths/stats?
• Who or what inspired you to go into maths/stats?
• Do you have a message of encouragement for the next generation to stick with maths/stats?
• Any other message you hope to communicate?

Once you record your video, please send it to ACEMS Communications and Media Officer Tim Macuga: timothy.macuga@qut.edu.au. The deadline to submit videos is Friday, 17 April. As a point of reference, here is the link to last year’s video: https://youtu.be/ymiJlIu0Bko