Spot the Bull S...cience


Sunday 21 August 2016, 3:30 pm


Sydney Powerhouse Museum

What do the moon landings, global warming and vaccination all have in common? They’re conspiracies perpetuated by scientists, right? WRONG!

To celebrate National Science Week, and to demonstrate just how hard it is to get scientists to believe BS (bad science), The Science Nation is holding a contest of intelligence, interrogation and intimidation that sees a lineup of scientists each trying to have their peers believe complete and utter BS.

Come along and join the most enjoyable experiment in BS you’ll ever see. Spot the Bull S…cience is 90 minutes of science & laughs that promises to be fun for (almost) everyone.

Participants include: ACEMS statistician and model(ler) Dr Craig Anderson; national fencing champion and builder of bacterial motors Dr Matt Baker; anthropologist, evolutionary scientist and science communicator A/Prof Darren Curnoe; physicist, triathlete, bass player and beer connoisseur A/Prof Adam Micolich; and chemist, science communicator and host of Up and Atom Dr Alice Williamson.

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