Dingo Software

About Dingo Software

Dingo is the world leader in providing Predictive Maintenance solutions to asset-intensive industries, currently managing the health of over US$13 billion worth of heavy equipment. It unites deep maintenance expertise with industry-leading technology to help mining, energy, Defence and rail companies implement predictive maintenance programs that deliver real-world results.

By continuously improving the health and performance of equipment, Dingo's solutions drive increased availability, extended component life, and reduced operating costs, with an average 3:1 ROI and typical payback in 6 months or less. The engine of Dingo's solutions is Trakka®, a powerful predictive maintenance software designed to analyze the full spectrum of condition monitoring data.  Its proprietary predictive analytics and global equipment database provide the insights and decision-support to keep equipment operating in peak condition.

Our Collaboration

Dingo's Data Science team engages with ACEMS researchers for knowledge transfer benefits, including to explore methods and opportunities to improve the accuracy, utility and explainability of Remaining Useful Life (RUL) Models used in Predictive Maintenance.