Climate Friendly

Climate Friendly is a profit-for-purpose carbon farming project developer. Their vision is for a productive, sustainable land sector that contributes to a zero net emission Australia by 2050. They will achieve this by supporting rural, regional and remote Australians including farmers, foresters and traditional custodians to reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions and regenerate the landscape through carbon farming. Together with their carbon farmer partners Climate Friendly’s purpose is to reach 100 million tonnes of CO2e abatement by 2025.


Climate Friendly has :

120+ registered carbon projects in Australia

20+ million tonnes of carbon abatement delivered by projects supported by Carbon Farming
15+ million carbon credits already issued to partner farmers
10+ million carbon credits  have been issued to  their carbon farming partners


Climate Friendly’s team includes experts in a range of disciplines covering GIS, remote sensing, agronomy, environmental and sustainability analysis to work with their partner carbon farmers on over 120 projects. They provide a range of services, from assessment, through to managing project registration and compliance, reporting on project implementation, carbon credit issuance, and carbon trading.


They have a strong focus upon technology and research to accelerate and scale positive impact. They strategically partner with experts and organisations, including with researchers from ACEMS Centre of Excellence. Research areas include the harnessing of data, remote sensing, and algorithmic science for tree detection to increase the positive environmental, economic and social outcomes of carbon farming.


The research collaboration, and knowledge transfer, enabled by the affiliation between Climate Friendly and ACEMS also aims to help realise progress towards the world's Sustainable Development Goals, in particular: 

  • Goal 2: End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture;
  • Goal 13: Climate Action to combat climate change and its impacts); and 
  • Goal 15: Life on Land - to protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems).