ACEMS Researchers Awarded ARC Linkage Projects

The Australian Research Council announced its approved proposals for Linkage Projects in 2021. Two ACEMS researchers are named in the following project:

Statistical methods for quantifying variation in spatiotemporal areal data

Professor Kerrie Mengersen; Professor Joanne Aitken, Dr Susanna Cramb, Professor Peter Baade, Dr Belinda Spratt, Dr Helen Thompson

This project aims to develop new statistical methods for extracting insights into spatial and temporal variation in areal data. These tools will extend the Australian Cancer Atlas which provides small area estimates for 20 cancers across Australia. The project is significant because it will allow government and other organisations to reap dividends from investment in collecting spatial information and it will enable modelled small-area estimates to be released without compromising confidentiality. The expected outcomes include new statistical knowledge and new insights into cancer. The results will benefit the many disciplines, managers and policy makers that make decisions based on geographic data mapped over space and time. ($588,955)



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