ACEMS Student Recognised for her Outreach & Research

ACEMS PhD Candidate Aline Kunnel was named by Awards Australia a “7News South Australian Young Achiever STEM Award” semi-finalist.

This award honours the innovative and visionary achievements of young STEM learners. Aline was nominated and recognised for her field of research and her efforts and contributions to Women in STEM.

“It is such an incredible honour to be nominated and named a semi-finalist for something I am passionate about,” says Aline, who is in the final year of her PhD with ACEMS at The University of Adelaide.

"I am passionate about diversity in STEM. Since I am deeply involved with the mathematical sciences, I also want to enhance the appreciation of maths and stats and the impact they can have in the world,” says Aline.

Aline's PhD research is an excellent example of that type of impact. It involves using mathematical and statistical methods to identify genes that are reliably different for sepsis gene expression samples.

“Sepsis is a life-threatening organ dysfunction caused by the body’s overwhelming response to infection. It can lead to organ failure and death, so early detection and management are crucial,” says Aline.

Aline’s efforts include her involvement with the university’s Women in STEM Society for the past three years as Publicity Officer, Vice President, and now its Mathematics Officer. She played a leadership role in organising the Society’s Women in Engineering and Women in Science campaigns.

In May, she helped organise the “Wide World of Women in Maths” panel discussion to celebrate International Women in Mathematics Day. ACEMS helped sponsor the event.

Throughout her PhD, Aline has also been very active with ACEMS. That includes her role as PhD Chair for the Student Committee for the ACEMS retreat in 2019.

“I absolutely enjoy being on committees, organising activities and simply meeting and making new connections with people, whether it be students or collaborative speakers. It is fun and rewarding. I think sometimes it is quite easy to forget how big of an impact a small action in outreach can do. I am delighted to do as much as I can to help our next generation be even more impactful and powerful in STEM,” says Aline.

Congratulations, Aline, for this STEM award – it is well deserved!