ACEMS Helps with Establishment of New International Institute for Maths at Melbourne University

Everything about mathematics isn’t already in a textbook.  Mathematics and statistics, like any science, are very much alive and developing.

Starting in 2016, top mathematicians from around the world will begin heading to The University of Melbourne, thanks to the new MAThematical Research Institute, MATRIX@Melbourne.

MATRIX@Melbourne has been created through the combined support of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers (ACEMS), the School of Mathematics and Statistics, the Faculty of Science, and the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) at The University of Melbourne.

Specialised mathematical research institutes are the predominant and most successful method for fostering innovative research in the mathematical sciences and their applications. Almost all developed nations have one or more such institutes and reap the benefits that Australia is missing out on. MATRIX is proud to be the first such dedicated international research institute in Australia.

The goal of MATRIX is to offer a venue for Australian and international researchers to work and collaborate together for extended periods of time.

In 2016, MATRIX activities will be hosted at the regional campus of The University of Melbourne at Creswick, Victoria.  Submissions are now being accepted.

“Scientific excellence and high profile international participation are two of the main selection criteria,” said Professor Jan De Gier, MATRIX Director.  “We envisage that these programs will last between 2-6 weeks with about 20 weeks of program per year, mainly during non-teaching periods.”

MATRIX is now accepting proposals for 2017. For more information, click here, or go to the newly-created MATRIX website,