ACEMS Event Awarded a National Science Week Grant

The Australian Government names ACEMS’ National Science Quiz as one of the public projects it will help fund as part of National Science Week 2021.

Minister for Industry, Science and Technology Karen Andrews announced that 33 projects will share in nearly $500,000 provided by the Commonwealth as part of its annual National Science Week celebration.

“Science is everywhere, and National Science Week is for everyone,” Minister Andrews said.

The National Science Quiz (NSQ) brings scientists together to apply their logical and creative thinking to see who can nut out the best answers to curly questions like:

  • Why do cornflakes floating on milk attract each other?
  • Does grass grow at night?
  • Is an empty rollercoaster faster than a full one?

Two teams will compete to answer a series of thought-provoking questions that delve into multiple branches of science, using humour and reasoning. While the teams discuss and ponder their answers, the live event and online audiences can also play along, test their knowledge, and compete for prizes.

The NSQ will be run by ACEMS, with the support of other ARC Centre of Excellence sponsors, as part of National Science Week activities in August 2021.