Practical Applications of Network Science workshop


22 - 23 February


Virtual - Online

ACEMS was proud to be one of the sponsors of the two-day workshop on Applications in Network Science. Below are the videos from that workshop. (The videos can also be found on the ACEMS YouTube page)

3-part R workshop presented by Dr Maria Prokofieva from Victoria University


Guest Speakers

  Influence and Deliberation on Social Media: Insights from Network Analysis

  Prof Robert Ackland, Australian National University








  Efficient Surveillance for minimising the risk of dengue outbreaks in Queensland

  Dr Jessica Liebig, CSIRO







  Revealing interactions between coding & non-coding transcripts in plants using heterogenous networks

  Joel Robertson, RMIT University







  Learning to combine shortest path algorithms

  Steven Edwards, The University of Melbourne

  Advancing Networked Criminology

  Prof David Bright, Flinders University

  How humans build models of the world

  Prof Danielle Bassett, University of Pennsylvania

  Network Science in Wildlife Epidemiology

  Assoc Prof Stephen Davis, RMIT University

  The Potential for Serious Spaceships to make a Serious Difference

  Robert Fleet, Australian National University

  Learning urban activities with graph-based modelling

  Prof Flora Salim, RMIT University







  How Network Structure Affects Algorithm Performance

  Prof Kate Smith-Miles, ACEMS at The University of Melbourne



Panel Discussions at the end of each day