MathsCraft Teacher Professional Development Workshop (Virtual)


Thursday 25 February & Friday 26 February (3.5 hr sessions)


The workshop will be delivered vitually via zoom. Places are limited enrol here to reserve your place!

8.30am-12pm AWST | 10.30am-2pm AEST | 11.30AM-3PM AEDT

Cost: $40 per person.


MathsCraft: doing maths like a research mathematician

The MathsCraft team is coming to West Australia, virtually that is, as it hosts its first online maths teacher professional development workshop that will be held over two consecutive mornings. This workshop is designed to help teachers give their students an authentic experience of 'doing mathematics' while at the same time supporting success in tests and examinations.

Enabling your students to work in a way that is similar to the way a research mathematician works can dramatically change the classroom experience for the better. Would you like to find out how a topic like Pythagoras' Theorem could be approached a little differently?

In this workshop you will be tasked with solving various 'simple' problems, and in doing so, a way of working will reveal itself that offers an alternative to teaching just the facts and processes associated with mathematical ideas. You will learn how to give your students an authentic mathematical experience in much the same way that professional mathematicians do.