Mathscraft: MATRIX, Creswick VIC


9:00am – 12:30pm, Thursday 22 November 2018


MATRIX, University of Melbourne (Creswick Campus) VIC 3363




How does a mathematician think about and solve problems?

What does ‘doing maths’ look like?


The best way to answer these questions is to get a group of people together to share strategies and think about mathematical problems.

At Mathscraft you can do just that! You'll get to meet and work with mathematicians and like-minded students and work on interesting and challenging problems. Come and see what makes real mathematicians love maths!


Event details:
Who: Students in Years 7-10. Each school may send three students and one teacher
Where: MATRIX, University of Melbourne (Creswick Campus) VIC 3363
When: 9:00am – 12:30am, Thu 22 November 2018
Cost: Free (snacks will be provided)
To register: Places are limited, please register by contacting Anita Ponsaing!


More details about the Mathscraft program can be found here.

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