Data Science Down Under


8 - 12 December, 2019


Newcastle, NSW

The aim of the workshop is to bring together Australian researchers and practitioners as well as key international academics in areas related to data science, e.g., mathematics, statistics and computer science, to discuss recent advancements, share ideas and foster new local and international collaborations. 

The workshop consists of two integral parts:

  • Boot camp: Sunday 8th December to Tuesday 10th December,
  • Recent advances: Wednesday 11th December to Thursday 12th December.

We intend to organise ongoing yearly workshops with specific underlying theme for each year's boot camp. In our Inaugural year in 2019, the theme of the boot camp is 'Randomised Numerical Linear Algebra' (RandNLA), which is a subject of ongoing intense study. For this, invited speakers who are the pioneers and leading scholars in the field will bring their expertise in the area of RandNLA and expose early career researchers and graduate students to related background topics.

The aim of the second half of the workshop is to explore not only the interactions between the theme of the boot camp, i.e., RandNLA for 2019, and machine learning, but also a diverse range of topics in data science. For this, speakers from various areas related to the mathematics of data science will present and discuss their cutting-edge research results. There will be two poster sessions, where postgraduate students and ECRs will have the opportunity to present and discuss their research in further details. Prizes are awarded to the best posters based on audience votes.

To become acquainted with the topic RandNLA, please see the introductory monograph "Lectures on Randomized Numerical Linear Algebra".

For more information and to register, head to the Conference Website.