ACEMS Virtual Public Lecture - Statistical Methodology Development and Software Dissemination


Thursday 28 October, 12pm-1pm AEDT




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Professor Matt Wand has been involved in statistical methodology research since the mid-1980s. During the second millennium, the internet either did not exist or was in its infancy and software dissemination was primitive. The advent of the internet and the establishment of websites such as the Comprehensive R Archive Network, which officially started February 2000 - have had a profound impact on applied and methodological statistics.

In this public lecture, Matt will discuss statistical methodology development in the context of this relatively new era of organised software dissemination. He will address specific questions like: are traditional reward systems concerning promotion, grants, and other awards compatible with the organised software dissemination sea-change?;
who are the heroes and role models?; and what is really like to produce and disseminate polished user-ready software after you have developed a new statistical method?

This public lecture will be 45-minute presentation followed by Q & A.