Welcome to your KPI reporting tool

It is a requirement of the ARC to track the progress of the Centre’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Please log in below to enter your outputs.

Please enter your outputs under one of the headings below. You will be shown a summary of the data that is linked to your account for each reporting category. Please review this summary to avoid duplicate data entry. You can view a summary of all reporting data in Your Activity Summary tab on your account page or at acems.org.au/my-summary. You can request your report summary be emailed to you from the links above if you prefer. 

When you have completed your reporting for the calendar year, please indicate you have done so in Your Activity Summary tab or at acems.org.au/my-summary.

Should you have any problem using the site, please seek assistance from your Node Administrator or contact Ben Hess benjamin.hess@unimelb.edu.au.