Archimedes Lecture 2018 - Mathematics: Beauty, Power and Danger @ Swinburne University


Thurs 16 August 2018, 5:30pm -7:00pm


Venue: Hawthorn Arts Centre, Zelman Room, 360 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn 

Mathematics is one of humanity's most powerful inventions. In this talk we will discuss what makes it so powerful, what constitutes beauty and why mathematicians place such an emphasis on beauty, and how, like any powerful tool or technology, it can be dangerous.

About the Speaker

Tony Guttmann was born in Melbourne, educated at Wesley College, The University of Melbourne and The University of NSW, where he completed his PhD in 1969. After two years at The University of London, King’s College, he returned to Australia as a Lecturer in Mathematics at the University of Newcastle, where he remained for 15 years, leaving at the end of 1986 as Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics.

In 1987 he returned to the University of Melbourne, and built up a large and active group in Statistical Mechanics and Combinatorics. He has contributed to the discipline in three ways: through his research, through the building of mathematical infrastructure, and contributing to mathematics education.

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