2019 ACEMS Enabling Algorithms Theme Symposium


13-14 June 2019


The University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)

Invited Speaker: Professor David Nott, National University of Singapore, Singapore


Fast approximate inference is on the interface between Statistics and Computer Science and has sub-topics such as:

  • (mean field) variational Bayes
  • expectation propagation
  • Gaussian variational approximation
  • semiparametric mean field variational bayes
  • stochastic variational inference
  • variational message passing
  • automatic differentiation variational inference
  • Thouless-Anderson-Palmer approximation

It has a recent literature encompassing:

  • algorithms
  • software packages
  • asymptotic theory
  • applications

The workshop will be a blend of tutorials, panel discussions, presentations and group activities.

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