"Doing Maths Like a Research Mathematician" School Workshops

Ever wondered how a mathematician thinks about and solves a problem?

What does "doing maths" look like?

To help students and their teachers answer those questions, ACEMS is sponsoring a series of workshops called, "Doing Maths Like a Research Mathematician." The goal of the program is to have secondary students and teachers experience one important aspect of learning mathematics - namely, experiencing the immense satisfaction that comes from creating an idea and developing the idea to a point where you know it is either always right, sometimes right or never right!

Coming up in November 2016, ACEMS and MATRIX are hosting a MatrixCloserBlackSolidLinesworkshop for secondary teachers to help them learn about the program, and learn how to run the workshops themselves. It will be held at Matrix The University of Melbourne, Creswick Campus, from 1 pm Wed 23 Nov -- 1 pm Sun 27 Nov, 2016.  Click on the link below for more information and to register:

November 2016 Teacher Workshop

Below is a video from some previous workshops, showing how the program works, and what the students who took part think of it:

Facebook Pictures from Workshop at QUT in Brisbane