"Doing Maths Like a Mathematician" School Workshops

Tim Macuga Past Event

MLMmontageEver wondered how a mathematician thinks about and solves a problem? What does ‘doing maths’ look like? The best way to answer these questions is to get a group of people together to share strategies and think about mathematical problems.

In June, ACEMS is doing just that all over Australia!  You'll get to meet and work with mathematicians and like-minded students and work on interesting and challenging problems (though nothing too difficult or scary, we promise). Included in this event is special guest Anthony Harradine.

This event is free and for students in Years 8-10 who have mathematical aptitude. Schools are permitted to send three students per school plus one teacher. Teachers will need to RSVP to book a place.

Events will be held on the following dates and locations:

  • 7 June – Brisbane (Queensland University of Technology)
  • 14 June – Sydney (University Technology Sydney)
  • 16 June – Adelaide (The University of Adelaide)
  • 20 June – Melbourne (The University of Melbourne)

VIDEO: How the event works

Anthony began teaching mathematics in 1984. Currently Director of the Potts-Baker Institute at Prince Alfred College, he has spent the last eleven years trying to better understand his 'failures' of the previous twenty-one. His many mentors have taught him lots about mathematics and statistics, problem solving, and research. He likes nothing better than sharing ideas with anyone silly enough to listen. He really likes mathematics.

In the recent past his professional time has been filled with a variety of tasks that include: facilitator problem-solving workshops, mathematical-person in residence, leader of a unique STEM project (eduKart), Advisory Board Member (The University of Adelaide, Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences), Prime Ministerial working group member (Transforming Learning and the Transmission of Knowledge), consultant, web application developer, curriculum writer and teacher.